DJ Amazing – Put it down

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Ed Sheeran follows Taylor Swift, sings about his ex

Ed Sheeran is all set to leave his innocent and sweet image behind by affronting his ex-girlfriend on his brand new track. The singer stated that the 1st track from his album is about former partners, and he does not turn back with how he thinks about them. This act mirrors his close friend Taylor Swift’s track’s distinctive pattern of singing about her former partners.

Even though Ed does not reveals the name of this mystery person, yet the Brit songwriter and singer is sure that they would know who they are.

According to reports, recently Ed told that he has always been innocent and sweet. The music artist explained that writing about his personal experiences is just his job. He believes that if someone dates a songwriter knowingly, they must not be surprised to be stormed seeing themselves in his tracks.

He never named anyone of them. He stated that naming is shaming. He is not in that business. It is not about who others think it is about as people would not be able to guess. He added that if good things happen, he would write great; and, if bad things happen, he would also write about that – this is his job.

The track apparently has some swearing in it, and Ed Sheeran knew that there would be a problem during radio edit. This the reason why Ed has come up with new clean alternatives of the yet untitled track.

Club Popozuda 24/03 – Dj Amazing Clay — Supa Jones (the bumps)

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Great DJ – The Ting Ting’s ♪

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DJing: Paris Hilton got a new competitor

The bitter quarrel between Parids Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan seem to have entered a brand new frontier- it is the DJ booth. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan have spent the end of 2013 getting her learn on, staying in with Major Lazer for her very own personal spinning school.

Her 2 teachers – Diplo and Jillionaire appeared more than just happy to help her re-learn the ropes, as it has been a long time when Lindsay did any DJing. Now the question is this just a coincidence or she is trying to prove something.

Meanwhile, following up a moneymaking year of DJ’ing in Ibiza, socialite Paris Hilton is all set to come back to United States for a residency at The Pool at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City soon. Some reports suggest that the American socialite would make around US$ 100K each night.

The deal is also a great little vote of confidence from The Pool at Harrah’s that arranged Paris two times previous year. It is also another sign that Hilton is a legitimate competitor in the world of pro DJ’ing. Last December, a leading entertainment website reported that Paris told she is one of the top 5 in the world.

Apart from the DJ booth, rooters can look forward to seeing Hilton on the cover of Marie Claire in months to come — which she gave a sneak peek of with some Instagram snaps previous weekend.

Calvin Harris GREAT DJ (Simple Remix)

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Dragunov DJ – Amazing Heavy Dubstep (heavy)

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East Africa’s DJing Convention registration

Bookings for the EA Pioneer DJ Convention got filled just 2 weeks before the scheduled time. To register for the show, one has to fill a online registration form on the EventBrite site.

The EA Pioneer DJ Convention would happen on November 19 at Westlands’ Club Galileo starting from 9 am till late. There would also be a after show party at iClub on Kimathi Street.

The show would be a meeting of amateur and pro DJs, managers and club owners, and DJ enthusiasts. The event is targeted at demonstrating newest and most popular Pioneer DJ gear. Accomplished and popular DJs, artists and turntablists have already confirmed the attendance. Interested people could go to their Facebook page – like it and get new updates and information. They can also talk to new and established DJs. The convention is sponsored by PIONEER DJ and CREDIBLE SOUNDS.

After bringing in a total range of DJing software for computers, Hercules, which is a world wide leader in DJ mixers and computers, has unveiled DJUCED Application which is optimized for Apple iPad. This is projected for DJs who want to try out with touch based DJing, the app takes all the DJUCED app features to the tablet.
DJUCED is one of the most interesting DJing app available these days, it offers more than ninety features as well as all the capabilities needed to deliver frustration-free, flawless and complete mixes.

Prince Harry puts his DJ skills to the test

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The Ting Tings at Coachella 2009: Great DJ

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